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Why ImpactPageBuilder ?


Easy To Use Template Builder

Right out of the box, Impact gives you all the tools you need to create dynamic templates for your WordPress Pages & Posts. With our real-time preview, you can watch your templates come to life as you work on them.

Impact Hooks and Widget Areas

Each Impact Template has the potential for up to 15 Active Widget Areas! Additionally, the Impact Hooks feature allows you to insert your custom Text, HTML, CSS & JavaScript code into any one of your template’s hooks.

Total Search Engine Optimization

Impact allows for detailed page-by-page and post-by-post Search Engine Optimization. In a world where traffic is everything, SEO is the key to success. Impact has you covered.

Impact has Limitless potential

With the raw power and total flexibility of Impact, the possibilities are infinite. With the potential for an unlimited number of unique templates, the only limitation is your imagination.

Explore Impact with Us !

Here to help !

Have limited development knowledge? No problem!! Drop us a note and we will be happy to walk you through how to use Impact and make full use of it's features !