Thanks for your interest in becoming an Impact Affiliate! We pay a 50% commission on all sales of our Single Site and Unlimited Licenses.

Step 1:

Visit Clickbank and sign up as an affiliate – its free ! You will receive all your cheques directly from Clickbank

Step 2:

Get your Affiliate Link. Replace “YOURCBNAMEHERE” in this link with your Clickbank Username i.e. the name that you chose while creating your Clickbank account.

Step 3:

Get your Banners from this page and change your hoplinks .


Feel free to use any of the banners below to help promote Impact.

We recommend downloading the files and hosting them on your own server.

You can copy and paste the code beneath each banner and customize it
to include your affiliate link and the link to your self-hosted banner image.

If you would like any additional materials, or a banner created in a size not
available here, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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468x60 Light:

234x60 Dark:

234x60 Light:

260x125 Dark:

260x125 Light:

125x125 Dark:

125x125 Light:

250x250 Dark:

250x250 Light:

300x250 Dark:

300x250 Light: