Landing Page WordPress PluginIf your website receives a reasonably high volume of traffic , but low conversions – it is time to shift your focus from increasing the traffic to analysing what is stopping your leads from getting converted. Chances are, your landing page is a big turn-off.

Read on to find out how you can turn this around –

1. Create relevant landing page (If you are using ads to attract visitors )

Send your customers to a page which is relevant to the text of the ad. They click an ad with the expectation of finding a particular product. If they end up at the homepage or an entirely different page with messages that are not related to the ad, they will move on for sure.

2. Understand your Target Audience demographics

Invest some time to understand your target traffic – what are the things that make them happy and what are the things which they try to avoid. When someone clicks your site’s landing page, it means he/she is interested in your product or service. If you understand your target customers better, you’ll be able to fine tune your copy to match their likes and interests.

Besides Google Analytics, Sites like Alexa, SimilarWeb can help you track the volume of your traffic as well as the type of traffic – that should help you analyse your visitor demographics.

3. Keep it Simple

You have got only a few seconds to hold the interest of your visitors. If your page is clumsy and is crammed with content, he / she might lose interest in your product. It is better to keep your landing page simple and crisp – the visitor should be able to quickly scan and understand the message of the page.  You can provide links for more details – so that interested visitors can navigate to those if they want to know more – but don’t try to push everything onto the landing page. A simple but effective landing page can be created with just a strong headline, key features in bullet points and a nice catchy image.

4. Focus on your product/ service

The copy of your landing page should give the visitors a brief idea about the product or service. Put in clear terms “how” is the item going to be beneficial for them and “how”is it different from the other alternatives. Give a small account of the features, but make sure not to brag about them.

Stay away from stuffing your page with keywords. It will solve no purpose, on the contrary it will make the page look like it was designed for search engine robots not humans.

5. Remove anything that can distract

Irrelevant filler words and confusing images should be avoided. Their presence can be distracting for the visitors. With attention span of the people getting shortened with every passing day, it is best that your page focuses simply on the product or the service.

6. Add Testimonials  / Customer ratings and reviews

Highlight testimonials or ratings and reviews by existing customers. Nowadays, before making a purchase, people tend to browse through the ratings and reviews in order to get a fair idea about the quality of the product. Putting them in your website will add credibility to the benefits and claims you make about your product.

Focus on creating a killer landing page and see your conversion rate zoom !

If you want your landing page to stand out from the rest of your website – ImpactPageBuilder (WordPress plugin) can help you do that easily.