It is an established fact that wordpress has become a very popular CMS (Content Management System) tool not only for blogging but also for making and managing dynamic websites. Considering the ease to update content, popularity and wide availability of tools, resources, talent and maturity of wordpress; it makes sense to migrate your existing website to wordpress. WordPress also has a lot of inbuilt features for good SEO, various plugins for integration of different features that you need on the website. The question in front of many people who are looking to migrate into wordpress is how to convert an existing website to wordpress while retaining the same consistent look and feel. 

One way of developing a wordpress website is choosing a new theme, developing your content and customizing the theme as per your needs. This is a very long process and needs developers to help with theme customization. A quick and efficient way to move your existing website to wordpress or having your html converted to a wordpress site is by using the premium wordpress template builder plugin – Impact Page Builder.

Generally, the usage of a theme constraints you, because you get the same look and feel for all the pages of your website. Changing the look and feel is complicated and needs coding in the theme (i.e. Understanding the code and trying to figure out where to put your code).

Impact Page builder helps you to convert a website to wordpress (HTML to WordPress) while retaining the same look and feel and user experience. One can create the website by only using the tools provided by Impact Page Builder and the WordPress Custom Menu function. 

ImpactPageBuilder is a powerful tool which can help in creating any sort of websites within wordpress. In fact, you can directly use the html of your existing website and move it to wordpress using the hooks and template features of Impact. You can also add Sidebars and Widgets to your existing website once it has been moved into WordPress.

You just need to create templates to change the appearance of your wordpress website. Creating page templates is very easy using ImpactPagebuilder. It gives you an ability to create attractive sales, affiliate, landing, squeeze, marketing, contact,blog,forums or any page you would have imagined and that to very quickly and easily.

Impact Page Builder also has Advanced Code Editor with an ability to insert custom code like HTML, Javascript, PHP or CSS anywhere on your page template as you want.

It gives you full control over your pages and posts so that you can build your pages according to your needs. The templates are reusable and can be applied to any pages or posts of your wordpress website. You can also export and move it to other websites.

Using Impact Page Builder you can transform your simple website into a wordpress website. You can create and design your own website with same look and feel of your existing website and enjoy the features of wordpress. Impact Page Builder plugin gives you endless possibilities to either reuse existing website design or creating a completely new looking websites.

Checkout the Video below to get an overview of Impact Page Builder Plugin. It’s just an example of how wikipedia has been cloned into wordpress. The features can easily be used to convert your website to wordpress and improve on your website.