Unlimited Possibilities!  That’s what comes to mind when we think of Impact.  But unlimited can sometimes be too vague when trying to explain the power of this amazingly flexible Premium WordPress Plugin.  So what we’ve decided to do is create a list of some of the possibilities with Impact.  Not only does this post demonstrate the power of Impact, but also provides some useful ideas when creating your next Impact Page.

1: Unique WordPress Page Design

First and foremost, Impact is a tool that allows you to design a totally custom template and assign it to any WordPress page that you create.  One such page may be a Product Specific Page.  Let’s say that you sell multiple products on your website and want each product to have a totally unique page to help them better stand out.  With Impact all you have to do is create a new page template for each one of your products and then assign the Impact pages to their corresponding products.

For this example let’s say we have an online shoe store and we want to create totally unique pages for our different shoe brands.  We’ve done just that and you can check it out here.

2: Unique WordPress Post Design

We’re visual creatures, no doubt.  And one of the things we, as bloggers, use to make our individual posts stand out is images of all kinds.  From an inspiring landscape pic from Istock Photo, to any number of Flickr photos to add color to our words, imagery is essential when refining the power of our posts.  But what if you could do more then just add a few colored squares to the innards of your content?  What if you could completely custom design a page, tailored just for that particular post?  Well, with Impact you can do just that.

For this example let’s say we have a travel blog and want to create totally unique post pages for each destination we blog about.  We’ve done just that and you can check it out here.

3: Landing Pages, Squeeze/Opt-in Pages, Mini-Sites, etc..

From the very beginning of Impact development we had these types of pages in mind.  With the powerful SEO features offered by WordPress we know that creating landing pages, squeeze pages and mini-sites is a common occurrence.  But to be able to create each of these types of pages/sites and still run a standard website and blog, all at the same time, is un-heard of (at least without having to create multiple WordPress installations and/or doing some pretty major customization to your active theme).  Yet with Impact the above mentioned tasks can be accomplished quickly and with little effort.

To see these types of pages in action check out…

Landing Page
Simple Landing Page
Simple Squeeze Page

4: Static Homepage

These days it’s becoming more and more essential to use a unique Static Homepage for your site to feature content, show what you’re all about and help funnel new visitors as they land on your website.  With Impact this is not only easy to do, but a perfectly suited task for our “little Plugin that could”.

A great example of this is our ImpactPageBuilder.com homepage.  This is a totally independent page template from the rest of our site.  As you can see we even have a unique navigation menu in the center of the page, something that would be quite a challenge for most WordPress themes.


5: Site Under Construction Page

This page type is often times overlooked.  But the second you need it is the moment you realize how important it really is.  WordPress and many Premium WordPress Themes make it fairly easy to update your content and design on the fly, but sometimes you have to “close the doors” for a while to properly implement a new look or function.  It’s in these times that you’ll find having an effect “Site Under Construction” page essential.

It’s not the basic functionality that’s key here.  Anyone can quickly download and activate a simple “under construction” plugin, but being able to provide a soft, clear explanation to your visitors that your site be back up soon, is essential.  With Impact you have full control over your pages and therefore can mold such a page in the perfect possible manor.

Check out our “Site Under Construction” page here.

6: Cloning Web Pages

This was a unique feature that we just happen to stumble upon after initial Impact development that we were happy to come by.  The basic idea is that you can take most any web page and copy it over to an Impact Page Template.  There are quite a few uses for this, but one that some Impact users are already tapping into is the ability to turn an old school basic HTML page into an Impact/WordPress web page.  Maybe you have a site that you created in Dreamweaver many years ago and now you want to house it in a WordPress installation.  With Impact this can be done quite easily and seamlessly (keep in mind that results may vary as there are many variable here).

For more on this capability check out these two video tutorials where Seth shows how he was able to clone the Wikipedia homepage and where Eric shows how he was able to clone his old WordPress computer business site.

7: Product Thank You Pages

If you sell products online then you’re probably familiar with a product “Thank You” page.  The basic idea is that once the custom has purchased a product from your site they are then re-directed to a special “Thank You” page, giving them that last pat on the head for buying a good or service from your site.  But beyond this we use these pages to track the actual purchase, possible affiliate commission and so on.

With Impact you not only have the ability to create this page in any way you see fit, but you also have In-Page header and footer script boxes to insert tracking codes or whatever is necessary when building this type of customer landing page.


For a simple example of this page type click here.


These are only a few page types to consider as the possibilities are truly endless with Impact.  Our hope with this post is that we might not only more clearly explain what Impact can do, but possibly poke at your imagination just a bit.  It may be easy to see how Impact could benefit many WordPress users, but we just want to make sure you know how it could benefit YOU.

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