• Announcing Impact Page Builder: The Last WordPress Design Tool You’ll Ever Need!

    We’re thrilled to announce today the release of a product that’s been months in the making, and is going to change the way WordPress sites are designed — Impact Page Builder.


    The Problem:

    WordPress only allows one Theme per site. Because of the way the system is structured, all of your pages pretty much look the same, aside from minor variations in the grid.

    The recent release of WordPress 3.0 showed a positive step in the right direction, but still leaves a lot to be desired so far as precise page-by-page and post-by-post control over your site’s appearance goes.

    What if you’re promoting multiple products and want each product’s sales to show product-specific branding? What if you have a Travel Blog and want the post about your trip to France to have a Parisian motif? What if you want to run multiple Landing Pages & Mini-Sites from a single domain, but don’t want all your pages to be identical?

    Currently the only solution is to spread your content across multiple domains or subdomains, each with their own custom theme.

    The Impact Solution:

    Impact gives you an incredibly powerful toolkit for creating an unlimited number of Impact Templates, then assigning them to individual Pages & Posts on your WordPress sites.

    Our Template Builder gives you everything you need to create attractive designs quickly and easily. Our real-time interface lets you see your template take shape before your eyes as you make adjustments. Even the code changes you make to a Template’s Custom CSS are reflected instantly.

    Each Impact Template has 15 empty Hooks, such as ‘Before Header’, ‘After Sidebar’, ‘In Footer’, etc. You can use these to hold anything from WordPress Widgets to custom Text, HTML & JavaScript.

    With WordPress 3.0’s new Custom Menus feature, you can create and use Template-Specific NavBars. Run an unlimited number of interlinked mini-sites with unique navigation from a single domain!

    Assigning a Template to Pages & Posts is a breeze, and we give you full control over an individual page’s Seach Engine Optimization tags, along with slots for page-specific Header & Footer Scripts. Any pages you don’t assign Impact Templates to will default to your site’s active Theme.

    The Bottom Line is this – With the power and flexibility Impact provides, the possibilities are endless! Impact is going to change the way you think about Website Development.


    Get your copy today from the Impact Store!

    For a more detailed Impact overview, have a look at our Quick Start Screencast:


    Affiliate Marketers – We’d love to have you on board to help promote Impact. We’re planning to Go Big, Fast. With a 30% Affiliate Payout on all sales of Impact, it’s a great opportunity to get in early and help us go viral. To join our affiliate program, visit

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    1. Leslie Cao says:

      Hot damn!! It’s compatible with Frugal Right? Does it have to be used together with Frugal? Or can it be used on it’s own?

    2. The Impact Team says:

      Hey Leslie,

      Impact is totally Theme Independent and as far as we know, compatible with all WordPress themes. In fact, this website runs on a combination of Impact and Frugal (but mostly Impact).

    3. GabsterMedia says:

      Typo – The Poblem: should be “Problem”


      cool plugin!

    4. The Impact Team says:

      Thanks for the heads up! Poblem solved. 😉

    5. Glad I have the Headway theme – it’s been doing all this for more than a year now. 🙂

    6. John says:

      Wow! I have to really look at this since I’ve been thinking of the Thesis theme. I don’t think it has as many options, but it’s cheaper. can I add a custom background or would I do that through the theme?

    7. developer says:

      What about exporting templates, and migrating websites? Are all the settings saved when cloning (e.g from developer server to client server for project delivery, for example…

      With earlier frugal theme versions, this was an issue due to dynamic settings not migrating, then you included an export function so it meant it could be portable from server to server.

      Is there an export function or is everything saved/printed as permanent hard coding in the site files or is it in the db?

      With thanks

    8. robert phillips says:

      Hi, Eric

      In a less-enlightened era, you’d have been…burned at the stake :).

      This should make you either the most admired, or most hated WPress developer out there. I’ll vote for the former.

      Just remember us little people going back to frugal startup days:)

      Speaking of frugal…well, what does this do to, or for frugal?

      I’ve got a couple of other questions, but don’t want to hijack this thread…okay to DM you on the fugal forum?



    9. The Impact Team says:

      Hi Leslie,

      First I’d like to agree that the Headway Theme is a great product in its own right. Impact, however, is not a theme and blows the lid off what is possible with any theme on the market today.

      Headway essentially gives you the ability, on a page-by-page basis, to shuffle around the inner grid of a fixed container. Unfortunately though, due to limitations in how WordPress Themes work, everything else on your site, from Background Images to Styling looks pretty much the same from page to page.

      Impact, on the other hand, lets you create an unlimited number of templates that give your individual posts and pages -completely- unique layouts and styling!

      I’m assuming you didn’t have the chance to look at our first example page here:

      What we did there was to completely recreate the home page of as an Impact Template, complete with Active Widget Areas, Hooked Content, and Custom CSS; then assign it to one of our site’s WordPress pages. So right here on, we’ve got a page that stands completely on its own without being forced to take on all the styling imposed by our active theme. We’re not limited to a single page with Impact, either. We plan to soon have a large number of completely unique example pages here on the site.

      So, if all you’re interested in is shuffling around grid elements from page to page while still having all pages look pretty much the same, Headway (or any number of WordPress themes) are a sufficient solution. If, however, you want to break free of the restraint imposed by the Theme and gain total control of your site’s appearance on a page-by-page and post-by-post level, Impact is the way to go.

      Also, to reiterate, Impact is completely compatible with all WordPress themes. If you wanted to have 90% of your pages running your Headway layout and 10% of your pages running custom templates, Impact allows you to accomplish this.

      Thanks for the comment, and for the opportunity to clarify a misconception about Impact!

    10. The Impact Team says:

      Hey John,

      Impact is currently designed to be used in addition to an active WordPress theme. You can assign any template you like to any Page or Post, but your site still relies on your theme for WordPress-specific pages such as the Archives Page, Category Page, Author Bio Page, 404 Page, etc.

      As far as adding custom backgrounds goes — that’s a snap with Impact! We give you a built-in image uploader for 6 background areas (Main Background, Header Background, Footer Background, etc.), along with an image uploader for your logo image. On top of that, with full control over a template’s Custom CSS, you can style every single element on your page however you like, even if Impact doesn’t have a built-in option for it.

    11. The Impact Team says:

      Hi developer,

      As of right now, all of your Impact Templates are stored in the database. There is not a native Import/Export feature; but due to a clear interest in such a feature from potential users, we plan to begin work on that immediately and include it in our next version release. We may even launch that feature earlier than the next version as a sort of Module plugin.

      If you were to develop locally then migrate to a live server, the way to do that now would be to export your template(s) out of your development database (using phpMyAdmin or similar tool), then import them into your live site (after installing Impact). You would then go through and re-upload your background images (or export them from the WordPress Media Library where they’re stored), and modify any site-specific URLs that may be scattered throughout your Custom CSS and Hooked content.

      The short answer to your question is “not yet, but soon”.

      Thanks for asking!

    12. The Impact Team says:

      Hi Robert,

      This is Seth, Eric’s right-hand man and lead developer of Impact. Believe me, we’ve got fire extinguishers ready in case the villagers come to HQ with torches in hand. 🙂

      With regards to your question about what this does to/for Frugal, we hope that Impact will enhance any and every WordPress Theme available. runs a combination of Frugal and Impact. It’s mostly Impact but, for example, if you look at our ‘Blog’ page, it’s powered by Frugal. Impact Version 1.0 was designed to work harmoniously with a site’s active theme without hijacking the entire site. Impact Version 1.1, however, might be a different story. 😉

      As far as your other questions go, if they’re Impact-related, we invite you to post them here. This page is all about opening the discussion about Impact. If your questions are about Frugal, or of a more sensitive nature, feel free to use the Contact form here or on to open a conversation through email.

      Thank you for your questions and words of encouragement. I’ll make sure Eric gets in the loop here and sees your comment(s).

    13. John says:

      So, with the developer’s license, I can make websites for clients and use Impact on those sites…sites I don’t own?

      My mind is churning with the possibilities, but I’m just trying to look at the big picture to make sure it’s for me.

      It looks like it would be so simple to drop in widgets and have ads virtually wherever you want to place them.

    14. The Impact Team says:

      That’s correct – Impact’s Unlimited License grants you permission to use Impact on sites you develop for clients. The only restriction is that you can not resell Impact on its own or as part of a pre-packaged product. So if you’re actually doing the work to create a client’s site, installing Impact is fine.

      It’s true that with 15 places in every template to insert WordPress Widgets and custom Text, HTML & JavaScript, the possibilities are wide open. It’s been a lot of fun, after spending months writing thousands of lines of code to -power- Impact, to actually get to play with it! If you haven’t had the chance, check our our WordPress Dot Org example page. It barely scratches the surface of what you can do with Impact, and is pretty amazing in its own right. Eric cranked that page out with Impact in less than an hour this morning.

      Let us know if any more questions spring out of your churning mind. 🙂

    15. Marion Ryan says:

      I am loving the sound of this, well done Eric & Team. Will future upgrades be free to purchasers?


    16. The Impact Team says:

      Hello Marion!

      Yes indeed, Impact includes free upgrades for life! We’ve already got some exciting plans on the future roadmap.

      Thanks for the praise, and it’s good to see you here.

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    18. robert phillips says:


      Good to finally “meet” you. I just assumed Eric because it sounded like his voice on the video. But since it’s YOU who ran with this…

      “In a less-englihtened era….” (you know how THAT goes, I think 🙂 )

      Eric did well to associate with you…both for this and for what you do on the forums.

      Like “developer”, Impact is a serious mind-churner. Changes my game quite a bit…a site which I was going to build in Drupal is definitely going to WordPress.

      Noted on which/where for posts. Actually, I better do elsewhere — it was about the code for the floating social icons…I do it one way, just wanted to compare notes/code.

      Keep up the good work!


    19. The Impact Team says:

      Hey robert, Eric here.

      Yeah, Seth is the best investment I’ve ever made. The guy is an amazing developer, crazy hard worker and a great friend as well. We’re doing some super cool things now that we have combined our passion and skills, so it’s exciting to be able to share it with the WordPress/Frugal community.

      You mentioned that Impact was a “mind-churner”. I’ve been playing with the Beta version of Impact for a few weeks now and every time I work with it I find myself doing things I never even attempted before. I’d look at a project with the mindset of “I wonder how Impact is going to surprise me here?”

      So yes, I truly believe that Impact is going to shake things up in the WordPress bubble. My favorite part is that it’s so powerful, yet not in the traditional way. Sure, it provides a solid set of options, but it’s the parts that are left to the user’s imagination that’s so cool. Like, “how do I want to frame up this particular page?” or “what kind of ‘default’ page template should I create to best compliment the homepage template that I just finished?”

      Basically, what I’m saying is that I’ve found myself using Impact so much lately because it just seems to fit that sweet spot of power and simplicity.

      Anyway, it’s great to see you here. So glad one of our early Frugal adopters is here to watch the beginning of our latest “baby”. And don’t worry, we’ve got some awesome plans for future Frugal releases as well. Anytime we make strides with one product, all others benefit. 🙂


    20. Jen Bishop says:

      Hi Eric, Hi Seth,
      Jen here from Aust. Tempted to buy this asap!! However, couple of questions. How does Impact go with wordpress plugins. I know you cant comment on everyone. But do you have to uninstall and reinstall plugins when you upload impact.
      Also a question on memory. I remember with the latest Frugal sites we had to adjust the memory for CSS (?) in settings. How will using Impact and Frugal together impact on WP memory?
      Also, should I just uninstall Frugal and use impact instead? What would be the advantages disadvantages of doing this?
      Will you be providing support for impact like Frugal?
      And..I just dont want to lose my site again. Have you done a lot of testing on compatability of impact frugal, wp and plugins?
      Thanks guys, Look forward to lots of positive response so I can get started with this fab product!

    21. Greg says:

      Why did I click on your email link? I have bought too much stuff recently in my quest to build my empire. Then again, I’ve seen a few plugins recently that looked pretty sweet and cost more, that I didn’t buy. So I can justify those misses with getting yours, soon. Pretty crazy good, from the looks I’ve seen here.

    22. The Impact Team says:

      Hi Greg,

      We sincerely apologize for twisting your arm so hard and forcing you to purchase such an incredibly useful new product. 🙂

    23. The Impact Team says:

      Hi Jen!

      I’ll try to answer your questions here:

      First, Impact is compatible with all the plugins we’ve tried to use it with so far. This site runs primarily on Impact, and has a dozen or so plugins running just fine.

      There’s no need to uninstall or deactivate any of your other plugins when installing Impact.

      Of course, there may be poorly coded plugins out there we haven’t encountered yet that could cause trouble – but as of right now, and based on how the Impact code works, we don’t anticipate any trouble.

      Impact itself is an extremely lightweight plugin, memory-wise. You should not have to make any changes in order to accommodate it. Again, this site runs on Impact combined with Frugal, and we’ve had no trouble with performance.

      Impact has been designed to work -in addition to- a WordPress theme, not in place of it (although that may change in the near future). Even if you assign Impact Templates to all of the Pages and Posts you author, you’ll still need a theme in place to handle WordPress-created pages like your 404 Page, Category Pages, Archive Pages, Author Bio, etc.

      The way Impact was written, there is very little room for conflict with other themes and plugins. We’ve done a fair amount of testing on various platforms with a number of themes and plugins, and as of right now have had zero user reports of any such issues.

      Thanks for your questions, and for considering Impact!

    24. joe says:

      So I’m thinking this would be good for a technophobe like me, instead of buying headway, I could buy most any legit WP template and fix it all up with your stuff..??

      For example, working in construction, I could have a home page and then an “equipment” page with entirely new header, layout, emphasis videos etc..??

      Then another page on software that is totally in tune with that particular genre.?

      Being a techno newbie, will you have more videos on different aspects and do you/will you have a web site as I described above with completely different layouts for each page..??

      Appreciate your work on this.


    25. robert phillips says:

      Thanks, Eric!

      Nice new avatar pic you’ve got over on the Impact forums.

      I’m going to play with Impact for a day or two, and then pose some questions…here or in the forums, depending on the fit.

      As I alluded to up above. Seems like every WPress developer talks about how her/his work is a “game changer.” Hah.

      But “game changer” was invented for something like Impact!


    26. The Impact Team says:

      Hey Joe,

      Your explanation of the flexibility of Impact is totally correct. You can have different pages on your site completely themed to match their content (Construction, Software, etc).

      Currently with Impact, you can assign a template to any Page or Post you create, but still need an active WordPress theme installed to handle WordPress generated pages such as your Blog List, Archive Pages, 404 Pages, etc. We based the majority of the basic styling of text and other elements in Impact on WordPress’ default TwentyTen theme. Because of this, you can just use TwentyTen as your theme, use Impact Templates for all your pages, and there will at least be some level of continuity between your Impact Pages and the WordPress-generated pages.

      We absolutely plan to have a large set of Screencasts and Tutorials ( which will include bits of code to copy and paste into your Impact templates for different effects ). Also, owners of Impact have full access to our Support Forum.

      Let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks!

    27. robert phillips says:

      Seth & Eric–

      Spent the last coupla hours banging on Impact. It is really something else, to say the least. In the wrong hands, it could be downright dangerous. In the right hands…it could be…. 😀

      I’ve got two general interest questions, hence posting here rather than in the forum:

      Integrating Impact pages with an existing theme
      The two choices are, obviously, renaming the existing theme to something else, OR setting up a child theme. I don’t think the usual rule setting up a child theme applies here. The child theme logic is to preserve customizations when the main theme is updated. But since Impact keeps its pages in the DB, the existing theme isn’t going to be in a position to know about those pages. Hence the existing theme, if updated, can’t possibly tromp on the Impact pages it uses. Hence a child theme isn’t necessary to preserve Impact-based customizations.

      Content Area
      Obviously, a whole different game. Let’s say, for example, I want my content area to be based on a grid (960gs, Blueprint, whatever). The scenario would be this:
      1.Set up my basic template in Impact, especially defining the dimensions of the sidebar and content area. Leave the rest of the hooks untouched.
      2. Go to work on the Content Area the old-fashioned way: set up the DIVs via php, CSS-em for style and dimensions.
      3. Go back into Impact to hook thingies outside of the content area.

      Tnks, guys!


    28. Gustav says:

      So, if I understand you correctly, what you can do with Impact is to extend the set of templates inside an existing theme? I use themes from Woothemes and Pagelines, so what you say is that you can extend the current templates of these themes?

      (I just want to check that I have understood everything right before I purchase your plugin.)

      I am pretty impressed by what you have done, and it sounds almost too good to be true. 🙂

    29. The Impact Team says:

      Hi Gustav,

      Actually, WordPress is completely independent of your theme. It doesn’t interact with your theme in any way.

      It doesn’t extend templates inside your theme, it stores them separately.

      If you assign an Impact Template to a page, it will be displayed completely in that template. You end up with a built-from-scratch Impact Page, not a mixture of a Theme page and Impact styling.

      Let us know if this raises any more questions.

    30. Greg Wallis says:

      This looks very interesting. How will it work with JQuery menus that are already in a theme? And is there a trial version to test it out?

    31. The Impact Team says:

      Hello Greg,

      Impact stands completely separate from your WordPress theme, meaning that jQuery menus in your theme will not appear at all in your Impact Templates.

      That said, we have plenty of slots in the Template Builder for you to insert custom JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, etc. — so you should be able to easily recreate whichever jQuery menu system you’re using in your theme.

      We don’t offer a trial version, but are working towards setting up a Live Demo on our site.

      Let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks!

    32. Pete says:

      Surely this is a visual CSS editor rather than a template editor?
      i.e you would need to still have page templates along with the theme, say with different columns and so on.

    33. The Impact Team says:

      Hi Pete,

      Actually, Impact is completely separate from the active theme, and handles all the page rendering for WordPress Pages and Posts you assign Impact Templates to.

      We give you the power to literally create WordPress Page Temlpates from scratch.

      Impact does not give you the ability to visually edit the CSS of your active theme. It lets you visually edit the CSS of your Impact Templates.

      If you have a look at the Examples section of our site, you’ll see a number of completely different looks. Each one is running a unique Impact template. Our home page is an Impact template. However, our 404 page, Author Bio, and a few other WordPress-generated pages are displayed using our active theme, The Frugal Theme.

      Let us know if you want additional clarification.

    34. tom clark says:

      If aI wanted to emulate site structure in a similar manner to the way you constructed the wikipedia page, am I correct to assume that the associated css page would have to be manually created, since it cannot be directly copied from the source page? I am sorry if this question does not make sense as I am unschooled in coding.

    35. The Impact Team says:

      Hi Tom,

      In the Wikipedia example, all of the CSS files were being called from, so this is one option.

      If you wanted to host the css yourself, it’s pretty easy:

      1. View the Source of the page you’d like to emulate. If you find any tags that say: link rel=”stylesheet” pointing to stylesheet files, click on the filename.

      2. Copy/Paste the CSS code from the stylesheet into your own file of the same name.

      3. FTP your copy of the file to your web server.

      4. Update the copy/paste code of the emulated site to reflect the new location of the stylesheet.

      Let us know if you want more explanation.

    36. Pete says:

      Thank you for such a swift reply.

      Have just purchased the developer option; I believe this will evolve into a game changing development.

      Have a few feature suggestions for later releases, and will post them on the forum in a constructive manner.

      This is the first genuinely intuitive development that I have come across that gives a so much value regardless of current theme. For a first release it fabulous.

      best regards

    37. Denise says:

      I’m really jonesing the adorable little facebook/twitter, etc. icons on the right side of this screen. Does this program give us the ability to build those also??

    38. The Impact Team says:

      Hi Denise,

      Those buttons are actually a free plugin called ‘Fixed Social Buttons’

      You can find it here:

      or by searching for it in the ‘Add New Plugins’ section of your WordPress Admin

      It’s fully compatible with Impact.

      Let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

    39. Denise says:

      That’s fabulous! Thanks so much! Can’t wait to start tinkering around with this builder tomorrow. 🙂

    40. Denise says:

      Oh, one more thing—someone mentioned a forum here. Is that something I’ll have access to after I purchase the software?

    41. The Impact Team says:

      Hi Denise,

      The Impact Forum is available to anyone who owns Impact.

      In the forum, we provide technical support as well as post updates to Impact for download.

      We encourage participation, and see building a vibrant community as the cornerstone of Impact’s future success.

      We hope to see you there soon. 🙂

    42. This looks absolutely amazing. I have several concerns. Here’s one.

      I like the idea of a website having a uniform look from one page to another. There might be slight variations from page to page. For example a page might need to be full width while other pages have a second column on the right.

      So the question is do your templates have inheritance? There might be a basic template. Child templates would look like the basic template with variations as appropriate.

      When I make a change to the basic template, like changing a color, would that change trickle on down to the child templates?

      Thank you,
      Jim Kitzmiller

    43. The Impact Team says:

      Hi Jim,

      First, the idea of inheritance is one we hadn’t considered, but brilliant! We’ll add that to our feature request list and explore it for a future release.

      The way we’ve been handling the scenario of minor alterations on a motif here on is through a naming convention across related templates.

      For instance, we use a template called ‘site-default’ as a baseline. We have this basic template applied to a number of pages here. To make the Home Page variant, we loaded ‘site-default’, made adjustments, then saved as ‘site-home’.

      It gets the job done, but if we change something in the default we have to manually apply it to all variants as well.

      Thanks for the suggestion – we’ll seriously consider this for implementation.

    44. Gary Whipple says:

      This sounds like what I’ve been looking for! Did want to let you know that your examples don’t work on the IE7 browser I have at my day job. The text is all in a narrow band on the left. Is there an unsupported tag in the example? Don’t think it is a problem with you product. May be the code around it.

    45. Wow guys, I think you may just have knocked one right outta the the park with Impact Page Builder.

      This is a seriously hot addition to any marketer / non-techie designers WordPress site – the idea of being able to create minisites and unique sales pages within an existing WordPress install makes me all warm and fuzzy.

    46. Carolin says:

      Is Impact 100% compatible with the Thesis theme — we already use Thesis and like it but see lots of plus features to add Impact — but don’t want to run into grief — have you tested this with Thesis themes? Thx

    47. The Impact Team says:

      Hey Carolin,

      Impact is totally compatible with pretty much all WP themes (including Thesis). Impact actually runs totally independent of the active theme so there’s little to no room for conflict, giving Impact the ability to play nice with themes such as Thesis.


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    50. Molly Ogren says:

      I have no one but myself to blame! I got your email announcing the coming of Impact while I was on vacation, made a mental note to look at it more closely, then completely forgot…gotta talk to my mental secretary about that! I’ve spent the past two weeks working on specially customizing some aspects of my current project (beyond Frugal’s capabilities), among other things. I JUST remembered that I had an email from you…now 4 minutes in I realize that Impact would have saved me several days’ catch up! Ugh. I’m heading back to finish watching the Impact vids, but right after that I will be your next Impact newbie! Thank you for this, Eric and Seth :).

    51. Karen says:

      Hi Eric and Seth,

      I am a complete newbie in terms of creating websites and possess nothing more than an artistic eye. But I think I can get this. I just finished studying another tutorial about working with premium wordpress themes and that seemed super simple. So it seems like I’m just building on that.

      Am I deluded? Should I get my feet wet working with a theme, or is this Impact of yours pretty intuitive?

      Sure seems like it…


    52. The Impact Team says:

      Hey Karen,

      Either way you’ll want to start with a solid WP theme. Impact does require a theme to work, but the amount of pages you assign Impact to vs. just using your activate theme is up to you.

      So I wouldn’t look at it as an either/or situation, but something you work up to. Get comfortable with a theme and then, if you want to be able to create totally unique WordPress pages and/or posts you start working with Impact.


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    54. I must say this is absolutely AMAZING!!! I was in the process of buying builder (a thesis theme) when I received an email about Impact.

      You guys have absolutely changed my mind. I don’t know a lot about CSS so I’m hoping someone in the forums can help with this. Thanks A Million!

    55. Mike Johnson says:

      I have to say I am amazed and as a long time Frugal Theme fan, I love this new addition to the fray. I use frugal on my main membership site and now I will be able to use this in combination with Frugal to create the ultimate membership site.

      I was trying to figure out how to use an html Squeeze page as my home page and still install wordpress in the root of the domain. Now I don’t have to.

      Thanks again.


    56. I know how you feel Karen. It can become delusional when information overload sets in. I started 12 months ago on WordPress and shifted to the Thesis Theme for WordPress when I discovered how versatile it was for me as a Theme.

      Impact will make a lot of difference. Even though I have 2 sites in development they look a little too similar because of my lack of skills. It will be so much simpler to customize the look and feel of each. Couple this with the online tutorials I use and the next 12 months will make a huge difference.

      Best Regards To All

    57. Hi Team

      I’m really hoping this works with Thesis Theme because it allows for so much more creativity. Only question is how that affects page load times. I already notice a bit of a stretch on some of yours.

      Are there any issues with files hosted on Amazon S3? I shouldn’t imagine there are but thought I would ask in case images need to be placed in a specific location.

      Best Regards To All

    58. Hello, I am currently using Artisteer as a design tool for WordPress themes and am very comfortable with using it as a starting point.Is Impact Page Builder compatible with Artisteer-generated WP themes? I believe the theme generator creates themes based on the default 2010 theme so I imagine this is possible but wondered whether you had tested Page Builder against Artisteer generated themes.
      Also, is it possible to (quickly) replicate the CSS of the original theme and then assign it to templates in Impact Page Builder-I saw a Youtube demo where it had a ‘custom css’ section in Impact Page Builder-is it just a matter of pasting the CSS code into the section and do this for each custom template I wish to create? I appreciate that you can design from scratch purely in Page Builder but I’m just used to working on the basic design in Artisteer.My current website is designed in Artisteer and I would probably struggle to re-create it from scratch in Page Builder,not being an expert. If it’s possible to easily transfer the css from the original theme then I would be buying this plugin like…..yesterday!!!!

    59. Hi,
      with your plugin, I can active toggle or lightbox in the page created with your plugin?

      Thanks Hi

    60. Ron Dorsey says:

      A – Does Catalyst have the page builder function?

      B – What is the solution for multi-columns?

    61. Pallavi says:

      Hi Ron,

      The original developer for Impact & Catalyst are same. So Catalyst (few functions) may look like Impact. But impact functions are different than it. Function in Impact are not part of Catalyst.

      About second question for multicolumns – can you please explain in more details.

    62. Pallavi says:

      Hi Alberto,

      Can you please explain this in more detail?

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