Create your affiliate marketing pages or WordPress templates for business sites using impact plugin

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) which is widely used for developing websites apart from blogging. Using WordPress themes and plugins we can extend the functionality to create our websites to sell products for business or create websites for personal use.
The common way to go about this is to search for available themes in the market. There are either free WordPress themes or commercial WordPress themes. With free themes there is minimal support and usually the developer is not around to help or give you personalized attention in case you are stuck. With commercial themes one can get support and timely upgrades to issues which is helpful in case one is serious about developing a good quality website.
When using WordPress themes one of the most common problems people face is that the look and feel is similar across pages. What it means is that one cannot tweak the behavior of a specific page according to ones needs without changing the core code of the theme.
Another alternative is to use the Impact Page Builder Plugin. Using this plugin, one can change a specific page or create templates on the basic WordPress theme as well.
The plugin comes with a free WordPress templates pack. There is also usage documentation provided along with the pack for quickly getting started. It is also possible to export and move templates to other sites quickly.
So how to create your affiliate marketing pages in 4 easy steps?
1) Install the Impact Page Builder WordPress plugin
2) Import the template pack and post which has the marketing pages
3) Change the text of the post as per your needs
4) You affiliate marketing page is ready to use