• Examples

    See some example pages we’ve created to showcase the power of Impact

    NOTE: It’s not the fact that we can create these pages using Impact and WordPress, but the fact that all of these pages were created using only ONE copy of both Impact and WordPress (no need to install WordPress multiple times or use MU to create an unlimited number of totally unique pages on the same domain.  Also note that most of this website is an example of Impact in action.

    Impact Example Pages:

    Unique Blog Post Pages

    • This example shows how Impact can make each one of your blog posts as unique as you want them to be.

    Product Specific Pages

    • As you click through the pages of this Impact example you’ll notice that each page can be tailored to suit its unique content.

    WordPress Dot Org

    • The flexibility of Impact is amazing.  As you’ll see with this example, we were able to completely rebuild the homepage with ease.  You’ll do a double take when you first see it.

    Landing Page

    • The ability to create professional looking landing pages is no doubt a huge benefit of Impact.

    Simple Landing Page

    • If you know anything about landing page design then you know that many of the most effect landing pages are simple boxes with effective sales copy.  Impact can crank these puppies out in a flash.

    Simple Squeeze Page

    • Need an effective tool to build squeeze pages for your WordPress website?  Then look no further than Impact.


    • As you’ll see with this example Impact allows you to create totally unique entire websites INSIDE of your WordPress website.

    Static Homepage

    • Impact is the perfect tool for creating a Static Homepage for you WordPress powered website.  Feature you content and effectively funnel your new visitors as they land on your site.

    Site Under Construction Page

    • Use Impact to add that personal touch to your pages.  With this example you can see how Impact can turn the typical cold Under Construction page into a soft, personal temporary landing page.

    Product Thank You Page

    • If you sell products online then you know all about the personal Thank You pages necessary for finalizing the purchase process.  With Impact you can create such pages and design them however you like, not being restricted by the confines of your active WP Theme.