• Introducing Impact Page Builder Version 1.1

    With its ability to give the user total control over their WordPress pages, the Impact Page Builder plugin for WordPress has already made quite a splash in the WordPress community.  With 1.0 we provided all the essential tools to get the job done, but with 1.1 our goal is to refine and add to an already amazing WordPress plugin.  Our aim with this new version release is to make Impact more portable, powerful and precise.

    Import | Export

    One of the first things we wanted to accomplish was to add the ability to make any single Impact Page Template completely portable so it can be backed up, transferred to a new site and shared amongst the Impact community.  Impact 1.1 offers this great new feature which will also open the door for an Impact Template Marketplace, where we will be offering professionally designed Impact Templates.

    Watch Our Video Tutorial on how to use the new Import / Export feature

    A Brand New File Uploader/Manager

    Impact 1.0 used the built-in WordPress Media Uploader to allow the user to upload images.  While this worked just fine it wasn’t ideal, especially when coupled with the new Import/Export feature.  So we’ve added a simple, yet full featured file uploader to Impact.

    A Second Sidebar

    With Impact 1.1 you are now provided with a second sidebar to play with.  Your sidebar layouts now include Double, Double Right and Double Left, offering the user even more flexibility when creating their page templates.

    Custom Title Link

    Now you can add a custom title link for your Impact Template’s Text Title or Image Logo.  This new feature makes the process of creating ‘sites inside of sites’ easier then ever.

    A New Impact Hook

    The new head_tag Impact hook allows you to easily add content inside your Impact Page’s head tag.  Scripts, links, styles, etc…

    Container Left/Right Padding

    By adding this simple padding option we’ve made it even easier to precisely control the inner-content padding of your Impact pages.

    Automatic Updates

    Though Impact 1.1 requires a manual install, all future updates will be accomplished with a few simple mouse clicks.  Just like many WordPress plugins out there, Impact will let you know when a new version is available and allow you to quickly and easily upgrade, right from your WordPress Plugins page.

    Impact Master Template CSS Map

    To coincide with this new version, we’ve also made available in our resources section the Impact Master Template CSS Map, both as an image file and printable .pdf. It provides a visual reference for Impact’s 50 structural divs, making it that much easier to customize your templates.

    Download as a .PDF or .PNG

    Minor Bug Fixes

    Any new piece of software is bound to have a couple bugs hiding in the shadows. We’d like to give a special thanks to the Impact Community for helping to locate a handful of them. As of today, there are no known bugs with Impact.


    If you’re already running Impact 1.0, we invite you to log into the forum and grab the upgrade. Be sure to read the Upgrade Instructions!

    If you’ve just discovered Impact, or if you’ve been on the fence waiting for 1.1, head over to the Impact Store and get your copy today!

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    2. Jen says:

      I luv the Master template CSS map. For someone who is not a developer, this map is gold. I always spend half my time trying to remember the terminology re: containers, borders, padding and where they sit.
      This map for me is one of the BEST things I have ever seen out of Frugal or Impact. Thankyou!!! More big pic. diagrams please!!!!

    3. Bob says:

      Looks like a fantastic plugin! Your video tutorials are awesome; however, something is not clear. How do you “inherit” the styling of the theme you have installed? You show how to create custom sidebars, hooks, etc. but the style of the page templates in your videos is always the basic Impact style…plain, boring. For instance, let’s say I use the Frugal theme with the Synthesis skin. When I create a new Impact page template, can I base it on Frugal’s basic skin or do I have to clone that page somehow using the custom CSS style box? Also, If I have say 10 different page templates, can I base #11 on #5 or do I have to go thru each setting and manually recreate each detail? Hopefully I’ve made myself clear :~)

    4. Joe says:

      In one of the tutorials, you changed the border of the sidebar area by typing in some CSS code. I know ZERO about that code. Is it possible to have drop-down options in each of the CSS categories, so that “knowledge of code” wouldn’t be necessary? If not, is there another way to make it simpler? (relating to CSS code and Impact).

    5. The Impact Team says:

      Hey Bob,

      Impact does not interact with your theme in any way. This way you have total control over each of your page/post templates created using Impact. But this also means that you cannot just “inherit” your themes design. You will have to design it yourself. We will be offering pre-designed Custom Templates in the near future so if there is a popular theme design we can certainly design an Impact variant of that look and feel, but there’s no way to do this for every possible theme and custom design out there.

      As for you second question, absolutely you and base a new template off of an old one, requiring no need for re-inventing the wheel each time. In this case you would just “Edit” #5 and then save it as #11, retaining #5 as well as creating #11 in it’s likeness.


    6. The Impact Team says:

      Hey Joe,

      We may add a new built-in option or two down the road if we see a need, but what makes Impact so powerful is its simplicity. By only providing a few built-in design options we leave the door wide open for all kinds of Custom CSS.

      In other words, we could offer a choice between red, yellow and green or we could leave the door open for any color imaginable. Probably not the best analogy, but hopefully it made sense.

      Also, keep in mind that if a user asks for a certain Custom style in the Impact forum we are happy to provide the code and instructions on how to make it work.


    7. Larry Cole says:

      I purchased Impact 1.1 a few ago. The new Image Upload feature worked a few times and now it doesn’t. I get this error message:

      “The address wasn’t understood
      Firefox doesn’t know how to open this address, because the protocol (kcact) isn’t associated with any program.
      You might need to install other software to open this address”.

      There is nothing to upload in the very top left corner. And, when I click on Upload to go to a picture/whatever which I want to use, I receive the message above.

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