You got email

If you own a site or blog and have done absolutely nothing to create an email list, then you are committing a serious mistake. An email list allows you to connect with each subscriber in a very direct, personal and private manner through emails. These are powerful in driving sales. You could be missing out on some interested audience by not prompting them for their contact info (email address) at your site.

Squeeze pages help in retaining prospective subscribers.

What is a squeeze page ?

A squeeze page is a page that a site uses to squeeze in a prospective subscriber. It is used to prompt and convince a site visitor to share his email address with the site. A permission for contacting the subscriber with occasional promotional offers and newsletters is also sought at this page.

A squeeze page helps in generating a subscriber list/email list for a site through an opt-in form.

Such a page is often kept uncluttered as its objective is simply to get a subscriber. This is an intelligent way to gather potential customer information. Links and other content are usually restricted or non-existent on a squeeze page.

Opt-in Bribes –

In order to get higher opt-in rates, marketers often offer incentives in return for an email subscription. These incentives and bonuses can be in the form of e-books, videos, audio files or even a trial access to a software application. Such offers encourage a lot of people to subscribe to your newsletters. Giveaways prove great in tempting people to subscribe to your site.

Each visitor on your site is a potential customer. Encouraging him to subscribe to your site ensures that you do not lose him when he leaves your site. 

The following approaches answer your questions about how to create a squeeze page –

DIY – Create a squeeze page like you would create any other page.

WordPress Squeeze Page Plugins –  There are a few WordPress plugins that help creating different types of pages for your site. ImpactPageBuilder is one such premium plugin that helps in creating pages that create the right impact. It is a highly intuitive plugin and you can create catchy squeeze pages with it.

Important Tips to create a good squeeze page :

  • Leave no distractions and interruptions on your squeeze page. The aim is to get the viewer or reader to complete the opt-in process.
  • Offer freebies – A great way to boost opt-ins.
  • It is always better to test your squeeze page by doing a live walk-through of the entire opt-in process.
  • Offer the content of your PDF or video in the form of an email course. This way, you can easily get your prospect’s email address. The risk of being marked spam after the delivery of the freebie is also minimized through this as the subscribers will receive the freebie in installments.