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The process of website visitor conversion is something which can neither be understood nor executed over a couple of days but is actually an ongoing procedure. Generally, what a majority of people do is learn from others, who have existing websites and have somehow managed to convert interested individuals into paying customers.

This can be a good practice, but only to a certain extent. Undoubtedly, achieving a desirable number of conversions seem to be a far-fetched goal if there isn’t a steady flow of traffic. And, for this to happen, you’d need to curate an effective plan and execute those strategies cautiously so as to attract a larger set of audience. Thus, the conversion of visitors into customers is only possible when your site witnesses a good amount of traffic on a daily basis.

On the contrary, even if you’re receiving adequate traffic, it will be of no use if it isn’t yielding any benefits. In such a scenario, acquiring profound knowledge when it comes to converting traffic into sales turns out to be quite important. So, if you were scratching your head, trying to figure out effective strategies, this post comes to your rescue. Here, you’ll learn how to convert website visitors into customers seamlessly.

But, before jumping upon the how aspect, let’s first know about two different stages of conversion:

Conversion into a lead
This happens when a viewer visits your website and lands into your mailing list. For this to become a reality, your website’s content must be impressive enough to make sure that viewers sign up to stay in touch. This is the first step of conversion.

Converting a lead into a customer
This is the most important type of conversion. Here, you turn a lead into a customer and receive something from them in terms of money against a service or commodity that you sell on your website.

In reality, if you’re not converting your visitors into customers, your traffic remains just something to brag about. Not letting the situation stuck to that, here are nine effective techniques of converting your traffic in sales.

1. Segmenting your Audience

Most of the website owners have landing pages and email list. This is a good marketing strategy but inadequate as both of these conversion strategies group the leads into the same category. It is vital to understand that, some of your leads may want certain things off of your services and other might look out for something else. Some might be the existing customers whereas others would be the curious ones, trying to figure out more about your brand.

Here, what’s essential and smart would be segmenting your audience. To have a better understanding, let’s talk further more about it.

When you a list of viewers register themselves on your email list, there is a definite possibility that they want different things out of your industry. Some might be returning customers, wholly interested in purchasing your commodity of services while on the other hand, others might be the ones who are new to your website and just want a demo or a free trial.

And the same goes for landing pages. When you get a lot of viewers or interested individuals, they fall in different points of the sales funnel. The ones at the top of the funnel are those who have yet not decided what they want out of your industry or are not yet sure about making the purchase. Those who are the lower points on the sales funnel are closer to sales or converting into customers.

So, you must consider the sales funnel and provide different things to various people in accordance with their needs and expectation from your industry; this is very effective while enabling conversion. There are different types of viewers with varying needs. To convert these viewers into customers, you need to give them what they need. Only relevant content to appropriate people at a suitable time can get your sales increased.

2. Short & Crisp Description

You might have seen pitches all the time while purchasing any e-commerce platform. These are generally short descriptions of what the commodity or service actually offers and how it is better than other options.

The consumer needs to know everything about your product. Hence, you can use a mixture of short descriptions and long patches to cover up every essential point. To increase website conversion rates, you must understand what your customers wish to know.

You can experiment with the content tone and elaborative style while describing your product or service and see what works best for your audience. At the same time, you can also monitor the results of the sale to figure out what goes well for your website in monetary terms.

3. Social Proofs and Testimonials:

One of the best strategies to gain more website visitor conversion is by adding social proofs on the website so as to establish trust and credibility among your visitors. It will give them an idea that your products are widely used and liked by a number of users.

Most of the people buy commodities on the basis of how many people have already purchased it and how many of them liked using it. The better the reviews, the higher number of consumers will be attracted to buy that commodity.

Therefore, you need to infuse your viewers with the confidence of existing users of your product or service. Social testimonies and proofs are the best way to do that.

4. A free trial can make your viewers get hooked

Be it a company as big as Netflix or a new venture dealing in accessories; everybody seems to be offering free trials to their potential customers to just with an intention to convert website visitors into paying customers.


A free trial can engage your customers and compel them to give at least one shot to your products or services. However, it shouldn’t necessitate any kind of commitment.

Here’s why free trials are important:

• To provide a trial-run before actual commitment.
• To showcase business’ confidence over the abilities of their commodity or service.
• To let customers know that they can switch whenever they want if not satisfied.
• People can take different trials and choose which they think is best for them.

But, this strategy might not work for every kind of business. After all, every domain has its own limits and regulations. The only way to find out if it runs for your brand is by experiment with it. So, do you think you’re ready?

5. Make use of remarketing

Remarketing is quite an effective strategy when it comes to conversion. Remarketing ads is nothing but advertisements displayed to people who have already been in touch with your website, in any way and at any time in the past.

Its functioning is quite simple if a person has been through any of your posts in recent times and he switches over to social media. While surfing, he might see an advertisement for your website which might make him go back to your site. This, according to experts, leads to conversion at some point in time.

According to experts, this has been one of the most effective methods of conversion.

6. Use exit-intent popups

Exit intent popups are the kind of popups which show on your computer screen as soon as your cursor reaches near the exit button on the upper right corner. This popup shows ads that might be relevant for your visitors.

This is nothing but a way of making your viewers stay on your website for a longer duration because you need to give them a reason to stick around. This might sound astonishing, but people who have made use of this technique have witnessed an increase in conversion and sales.

7. Track the viewer’s mouse movements

This might feel a bit weird, but by tracking your viewer’s mouse movements, you can have exact knowledge about where you need to optimize your website, in order to attain better responses and a higher rate of conversion.

There are a number of software which helps you record the mouse movements on your website. This can help you add or delete content on your website on the basis of the information from the mouse movements. This will definitely make the visitors stay on your website longer and eventually enable conversion.

8. Landing Page Optimization:

For any website, landing pages are the ones that have higher chances of conversion. Not just you can place relevant offers on these pages but can also put compelling CTAs for customers to take required actions.

Therefore, your landing pages should be optimized well for it is the first link between your business and the viewers. You give your visitors the information about your offers and what your industry actually deals in. A landing page must always be catchy and attractive so that you can get the viewers hooked, from the very start. To make it even better, make use of Premium WordPress Themes.

9. Email Marketing Sequence:

This is a technique through which you can effectively bring potential customers back to you. If a visitor is not ready to buy, you can keep in touch with them through emails and tell them that your service or product is available for sale.

Listing the key features and specialties in the email can also improve the chances of conversion. Also to keep the customer hooked to your website if you do not want to resort to the emails, you need your website to look attractive and easy to use for which you can apply Premium WordPress Plugins.


Everyone in business wants to make money through website visitor conversion, and why not? A good amount of traffic on your website but zero sales is worth nothing. You should, thus make use of different techniques to enable the process of conversion so that your business grows at a greater pace.

For this, landing page optimization is the key to use. You need to deliver what is wanted, and you shall be good to go. If you receive good traffic on your website on a daily basis, all you need to do is make use of these nine techniques and watch your business grow subsequently.