Don’t let one theme dictate your entire WordPress site! Make your pages look radically different. And you don’t have to actually code an entire theme yourself. Let ImpactPageBuilder take care of it for you.

Installing ImpactPageBuilder


You will find a  zip folder named inside the original plugin zipped package.
Upload this file in the “add new plugins” tab of your WordPress dashboard to install ImpactPageBuilder.
After you have uploaded the file, you can choose to install it immediately. With this step, ImpactPageBuilder will show on the list of your installed plugins.

Creating your first template with ImpactPageBuilder –


Click on the Impact tab.
You will find a  show template options button.
Clicking on the “show  template options” button will show a popup menu.
ImpactPageBuilder WordPress Plugin
You will notice that a live preview is shown on the screen. Any preferences that you set in the options will be reflected in this live preview. You can move the popup to any part of the  screen.

Template Structure –

Here you can set the header, footer and the sidebar preferences.
ImpactPageBuilder WordPress Plugin

Widths & Heights/Margins & Padding –

This section allows you to set your preferences for header, content, sidebar,content bar and padding fields. Any values that you set here will reflect in the live preview on the screen.
ImpactPageBuilder WordPress Plugin

Title Area –

This area can be used to specify the title for the template as well as a logo. You can easily upload an image from your computer’s gallery. However if you wish to use this template for multiple pages or for facilitating backup processes, you may alternatively create a sub-folder for the  image and name it exactly the same as the template.
ImpactPageBuilder WordPress Plugin

Backgrounds: Main / Header /Wrap –

You can select the background type, color and image here.
ImpactPageBuilder WordPress Plugin

Backgrounds: Content / Sidebar / Footer –

This option lets you set your preferences for different background areas like content, sidebar and the footer.
ImpactPageBuilder WordPress Plugin

Border Options –

The main layout border can be altered here.
ImpactPageBuilder WordPress Plugin

Active Widget Areas-

This  option allows you to place and activate your widget areas across the page. You can try multiple options and the live preview may be helpful in zeroing in on the perfect placement.
ImpactPageBuilder WordPress Plugin

Template Custom CSS –

You can define your own styles here.
ImpactPageBuilder WordPress Plugin
After you have set all your preferences, you can go ahead with saving the  template.
The basic framework is ready to be applied over any page now.

Custom Navigation Menu – 

WordPress Custom Navigation Menu can be used to add navigation menus to ImpactPageBuilder Templates. Under the appearance section, create a new navigation menu. Add pages to this menu and then save it.
Use the Impact Hooks tab to add further content to your template. You can add custom CSS, Javascript and text using hooks.

Finally assign an Impact template to a  page –

ImpactPageBuilder WordPress Plugin
Add a new page. Set the “Use Impact For This Page?” option to “Yes”. Now choose your newly created template.
You gave an entire page an amazing makeover with ImpactPageBuilder.
Watch this video to create awesome pages within minutes using ImpactPageBuilder.