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The quest for creating websites that can easily attract visitors and potential leads have taken the online business scenario to a completely different arena. And then, with tools like page builder for WordPress and a variety of other, the task becomes even a plain-sailing.

Over the years, the world has been taking the concept of first impression way too seriously. And, the multitude of available plugins and tools further let you build something strong and appealing effortlessly.

Despite being aware of the importance that a website beholds, a gamut of small business owners doesn’t pay enough heed to this branding aspect. The reason behind this ignorant behavior can be many.

Despite this, you cannot neglect the advantages that a well-designed website can offer you. Having said that, although a website necessitates with a variety of elements, however, page builders turn out to be an essential facet of it.

So, let’s know more about page builders and why do you need one for your site’s success.

What is a Page Builder?

Being an optional WordPress plugin, a page builder is a tool that lets you edit pages, mainly the area between the header and the footer, on your website through an advanced drag-and-drop editor. With this, you can build a professional website effortlessly.

Reasons to Opt for a Page Builder: 

If you are wondering what makes a page builder, or a landing page builder, so special; you are in for several amazing reasons. Definitely, it is one of the convenient options that you can choose to build alluring web pages, without having a piece of knowledge about technical coding.

Let’s know more about all the essential features that a page builder includes:

  • Drag & Drop Building:

Being non-familiar or non-relevant to the technical domain may turn out to be a problem when you aren’t ready to spend a lot of money on building a website. However, with a page builder, things can become extremely easier.

They offer drag and drop site building system that allows even a rookie to create an aesthetically appealing website. With this system, you can seamlessly add a variety of elements on the website, including buttons, text, icons, and more.

All you’d have to do is drag the element and drop it over the place where you’d want to add it. Without letting anybody else have control over your website, you can do everything on your own. Fascinating, isn’t it?

  • Provides Quick Assistance:

Now that it’s clear that you wouldn’t need to have the technical knowledge to use a page builder, another essential thing that you must know is that this tool can provide quick assistance, whenever you require. WordPress page builder plugins work really fast and show the appearance of the website just within the blink of an eye.

Its configured elements can further help you by building a pathway to proceed step by step. Another good thing about this tool is that it can work with various themes and endless features to help you work faster.

And then, generating responsive and friendly pages or editing the existing ones is also a cake walk. You can add or remove the columns you want, without following any standard coding or script guidelines.

  • All-in-one Functionality:

For a majority of website developers or owners, page builders are a one-stop destination as they provide amazing on-page functionality, proficient enough to create a unique website. Whether you use them with content grids, pie charts, social sharing buttons, CTA, or anything else; things can still work in your favor.

However, if you wish to obtain such results without a page builder, you’ll have to invest extra efforts and install a variety of single-feature and dedicated plugins. If you were to choose premium plugins, things could become even costly for you.

Furthermore, it even provides an amazing list of add-ons, like forms, carousels, post grids, feature boxes, accordions, personal carousels, pricing tables, testimonials, social buttons, and much more.

  • Beautiful Layouts:

For those who are unknown with coding and other technical specifications, depending upon themes and landing page optimization to gather more traffic seems to be the only way out. The scenarios call for navigating through innumerable themes and then choosing the one accordingly.

Although there is a myriad of theme options available, there might be some comprise on the design level. However, if you’ve got a WordPress page builder, you can flex your creative mind and build a website similar to your vision.

You can find layouts for every niche, including business, insurance, spa, plumber, architecture, lawyer, salon as well as third-party layouts.

Even if you’d want to add an extra header to your pages that your theme doesn’t support, you can easily do so with a page builder. Essentially, a page builder provides you with a blank canvas where you can paint your beautiful picture.

  • Intuitive Interface:

It might appear as an obvious thing; however, as a user, you must understand how you can edit desirably just after launching the builder, without going through an abundance of documents and tutorials.

A majority of page builder users are either beginners or intermediates when it comes to the WordPress knowledge. Hence, the interface of these builders is quite easy and clean, to begin with. Thus, you wouldn’t have to face any hassles whatsoever.

Most popular page builders:

Being one of the most popular drag and drop page builders for WordPress, Elementor is equipped with a variety of efficient features. It comes with a separate and original interface for creating pages, posts, and custom post types.

Also, it works on the front end. Hence, you can easily keep a tab on the results of your work instantly. Compatible with every kind of theme, it can be used to create any sort of page or content layout.

Although this one is a plugin, however, it works more than just a mere WordPress plugin. It’s an entire framework. Beaver Builders is a sort of engine toolset that can add ease to your WordPress website development process.

Once you’ve learned how to handle this builder, the road will be easier thenceforth. With Beaver Builders, putting together a beautiful website will be a less time-consuming procedure, owing to its complete customization and easy to use interface.

Powered by the Divi builder, this page builder is incredibly intuitive and insanely fast. Its front end editor can help you accomplish goals just within the matter of time. Its real-time design helps to have a glance over the changes whenever you work over your website.

Each and every element of this page builder is completely customizable. Whether you wish to adjust fonts, sizing, spacing, or colors, everything is a plain-sailing with Divi.

Should You Use a Page Builder?

Despite knowing the advantages that page builders can provide, whether to use it or not is a question that remains unanswered for a lot of people out there. While making a decision, one of the primary things to ponder upon is whether this tool is making things easier for you or not.

An undeniable fact is that even developers, who can code extremely well, are making most out of these builders. Ease of editing and advanced custom fields are attracting them like never before.  So, now you know, instead of spending money like anything on a developer, it’s better to use a page builder and poke the creator hidden inside you.

What do you think would be a better option? And, even if you’ve used any page builder, do let us know in the comments section.